Sauna and Spa Traditions Around the World

Sauna and spa traditions around the world

Some say that the Finnish sauna is the foundation of the sauna culture. To some extent that is very true. Most sauna experiences, especially in the western world, are very similar to the Finnish sauna experience.

But there are countries and regions that have developed their very own sauna and spa traditions, embedded in their cultures. Let’s go through some of these traditions around the world.

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8 Best Sauna Accessories You Need to Have

Best sauna accessories

A sauna on its own does the trick, but there are lots of accessories available that can help to further enhance the overall sauna experience.

Below are 8 of the best sauna accessories you should consider buying, if you’re the lucky owner of a sauna or steam room, or if you’re a regular visitor of a public sauna.

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The Russian Banya Experience Explained

Russian Banya experience explained

The Russian banya has been an important part of Russian culture for many centuries.

Banya is essentially the Russian version of a traditional sauna or steam room, although the word can also refer to bath house.

Let’s find out more about the Russian banya and why it is so popular.

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The Finnish Sauna Experience Explained

Finnish sauna experience explained

If there is one country where the sauna is just as normal as a bed, then it must be Finland. The Finnish sauna plays a crucial part in Finnish culture with on average almost one sauna per household.

Let’s find out more about the Finnish sauna and why it is so popular.

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10 Health Benefits of Using a Sauna Regularly

Sauna health benefits

For some, saunas and steam rooms are a lifestyle. For others, they are merely a way to relax after a workout. Either way, it can’t be denied that saunas have increased in popularity in recent times.

Modern gyms are often equipped with swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms, while home saunas are becoming more affordable.

But what about the health benefits of saunas? Are saunas just to relax, or do they offer some proven benefits for our mental and physical health?

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Sauna Etiquette (10 Things to Keep in Mind)

Sauna etiquette (practical guide)

You may be forgiven for thinking that using a sauna is as simple as sitting on a bench in a small room for a short amount of time. But there are some rules and guidelines that you should keep in mind when using a sauna in a gym or in a spa.

Sauna etiquette certainly is not complicated and often comes down to common sense and respecting your fellow sauna users. Let’s dive a little deeper into sauna etiquette so you know what to expect next time you are going to get your sweat on.

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Sauna Before or After Workout? (A Practical Guide)

Sauna before or after workout

Using a sauna before or after a workout can have a big impact on your performance as well as on your recovery. Different opinions exist around when to use a sauna in relation to exercising.

Some say it’s better to do this before, while others prefer to use a sauna after their workout in the gym.

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Sauna Rocks (A Simple Buying Guide)

Sauna rocks and stones (practical guide)

You have a sauna at home or you are about to buy a new one. Then it’s just as important to think about what kind of sauna rocks you should use for your sauna.

Here is a simple guide to choosing the best sauna rocks and stones for your new or existing sauna.

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Sauna Temperature (How Hot Is a Sauna?)

Sauna temperature (how hot is a sauna)

Saunas are awesome if the heat relaxes you. When you have a sauna at home, you can literally have that melting feeling all year around, whenever you feel like it.

But how hot does a sauna get, and what is the ideal average sauna temperature for the different types of saunas that exist?

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The Turkish Hammam Bathing Experience Explained

Turkish Hammam bathing experience

A Turkish Hammam, also known as a Turkish Bath or Hamam, is a Middle Eastern type of public bathing, cleansing and relaxing. It has been strongly embedded in Turkish and Islamic culture for many centuries.

Fortunately, you don’t always need to travel to Turkey in order to enjoy an authentic Turkish hammam, as this popular sauna and spa tradition has spread to large parts of the western world in recent times.

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